Space save four post lift is a rugged, standard –height, space-saver solution.

→ Column Height : 88”.

→ Overall length : 200”.

→ Overall width 99-3/4”.

→ Capacity: 9,000 lbs.

→ Width between column : 89-3/4”.

→ Max Lifting height : 74-1/2”.

→ Power unit : 220VAC/60 Hz/ Single Phase.


Working Principle

This parking system is designed two spaces of up and down as one unit. The bottom car can go in and out directly. When the upper space needs to park a car, the car in the bottom should be driven out.

Characteristics of the System

→ Save land area and take full use of the current space to raise the number of parking cars.

→ The structure is simple, united and easy for operation.

→ It is equipped with multiple safety protection devices and space locked devices.

Adapted places

Apartments, yards and lower height of basements.

Technical Specification :

Product Description – 2 Pole Hydraulic car stacker (1+1)



: TSR-001.

Stall Length

: 4.0 meter.

Stall Width

: 2.2 meter.

Pole Height

: 3.4 meter.

Max Travelling Height

: 2.0 meter.

Rated Lifting Capacity

: 2000 kg.

Rated Speed

: Up 0.04 M/S ,Down 0.05 M/S.


: Hydraulic power pack with 2HP motor, one cylinder with control panel (per unit) operated by key

Electrical Requirement

: 3-phase 415V 50Hz / 1-phase 220V.


This System is Designed In the form of matrix of rows and columns of 3*5 to accommodate 13 cars. out of the total number of 15 available Spots, 2 spots is Kept vacant to enable horizontal and Vertical Movement of remaining spot like a Puzzle. This is an independent System, unlike the stack parking and is fully automatic.